About US

The full package of services – without the cost.

We’re a group of experienced professionals, each an expert in our own fields and individually obsessed with helping companies grow and thrive. We treat our customers’ businesses as our own, totally dedicated to their success.

We believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach, so your plan will be yours alone. Our solutions are innovative, unconventional and brave; designed to boost your sales numbers and increase your brand awareness.

No matter whether you are a start-up that needs everything from the ground up, or you are an established company that needs support and fresh ideas for launching a product, or you want expert advice on revamping your business model – we can provide you with a customized package that’ll fit the bill and boost your success.


Work with us. We’re fun!

It’s not just a project – it’s an experience. We’re decent, dependable human beings that really care about you and your success.

Our passion:

Supporting small and mid-size companies by providing a menu of high-end professional services that usually only large corporations can afford. We’re committed to always delivering what we promise. It’s as simple as that.


We’re Global.

So far apart, and yet really close. Our international reach includes clients located around the globe as well as numerous European partners skilled in regional culture and business practices.

Our Mission

Creating unconventional and viable success strategies, individually designed around the client’s needs, that will accelerate growth and business success. Provide exceptional service and get the job done, beyond expectations.

And we are kind, treat animals well and respect the elderly – always.

Highly Engaged and Really Nice People.

We dive in – lock, stock and barrel. We don’t see ourselves (just) as consultants and service providers, we strive to become part of your team. In little to no time we THINK, FEEL, and BREATHE for your business, and it’ll seem that we’ve been part of your company forever. We will treat you as our partner and your company as our own. That’s why we will never stop to push things forward, come up with new and improved ideas, and do whatever it takes.

With focus and energy we’ll work for your success as if it were our own, because it actually is. Your team will like us, as we’re not competing with anyone, but just contributing to benefit everyone.


Meet the experts

Harriet Diener
President, Desert Moon Communications

Media Relations, PR, Content Creation, Trade Show Support, Advertising

Harriet established Desert Moon Communications in 1994 to bring the highest level of media relations services to…


Catrin Beck
President – Garawen Business Strategy Consulting

Business Strategy Development, Marketing, PR

Over the past 15+ years Catrin has provided consulting services to numerous companies and corporations by creating a vision, and making that (more…)

John O’Keefe
Founder/Managing Director, BroadcastPro

Sales and Business Development, Recruitment, Channel Development

John has over 30 years of successful experience establishing and supporting worldwide distribution networks, key (more…)